Thursday 3 April 2008

Contemporary Art+Objects including the ART & TEXT Group Collection

Based around the collection of the ART+TEXT Group which after ten years was disbanding as per the terms of the group agreement this collection released a number of classic contemporary works to eager new collectors who pursued fine examples of works by Seraphine Pick, Judy Millar, Stephen Bambury, Peter Robinson, Shane Cotton, Jacqueline Fahey, et al., Richard Lewer and Richard Killeen. The catalogue also included important works by Sara Hughes, Michael Hight, Rose Nolan, Peter Robinson, Bill Hammond and Jacqueline Fraser. The Object catalogue included an excellent grouping of work by Martin Poppelwell, Dame Lucie Rie, Olive Jones, rare Wharetana Ware, Frank Carpay, Daniel Steenstra and Len Castle.

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