‘Some Pictures I Wrote’: The Collection of Professor Laurence Simmons

Thursday 8 September 2022

‘Some Pictures I Wrote’: The Collection of Professor Laurence Simmons

Art+Object is delighted to be offering the collection of Professor Laurence Simmons. Laurence is Professor of Film Studies at The University of Auckland and in 2002 published a major work on twentieth-century New Zealand artists: The image always has the last word: On Contemporary New Zealand Painting and Photography. He has subsequently authored, co-authored and edited numerous publications on many of the country’s leading artists including: Certain Words Drawn: John Reynolds Continued, Victory over Death: The Art of Colin McCahon and David Cauchi: The End. He recently co-curated the major touring Gordon Walters retrospective, ‘Gordon Walters: New Vision’. His contemporary art collection is notable for the manner in which Laurence has collected, in depth, many of the artist’s work whom he has extensively researched including: Gordon Walters, Richard Killeen, David Cauchi, Andrew Barber and John Reynolds. The collection also includes contemporary photography by Laurence Aberhart, Ben Cauchi and Chris Corson-Scott. Laurence has continued to contribute writing for Art+Object’s auction catalogues since the company founded in 2007.

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